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Seller’s Corner

Because everyone should know what their house is worth.

What is it?

Instant Community Alerts + Drip E-mail Marketing + Comparable Industry Analysis = Seller's Corner

How it works

Stay linked to your property owners with computerized hyper-local neighbourhood action. From recently detailed to just marketed, your suppliers will get a specific flow of images, details, regular record principles and market styles where they live. From their zip rule to a 2 prevent polygon distance around their house, You have complete control of what they get and when they get it. Seller’s Area IS the most personalized House owner device in the nation.

Seller's Area will keep your potential customers advised by offering them:

  • Accurate MLS data
  • Photos, details and comparable
  • Average days on market
  • Average and average record price
  • Market trends
  • CMA cause capture

The Listing Presentation

As soon as a customer demands a house assessment, cause details will be taken in your CRM and you will be instantly advised via email or written text. Next, you will be able to choose which similar qualities you want to use for the Listing Demonstration based on their Sellers Area Signals. The chosen similar qualities will help you determine the recommended record cost of your seller’s house and keep your potential customers aware of their regional housing industry. The CMA will comprise of everything you need to win a record presentation, confirm your skills, and get ready your property owners on promoting their house. Curiosity causes suppliers to go out and learn more. Our system removes fascination.